Uncompromised confidence on the road

Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 philosophy proudly presents another ambitious design. From fluid aesthetics to the modern appeal and premium interiors, nothing was compromised.


Stylish yet spacious

Ergonomic and dynamic design meets convenience, comfort, and space. Enjoy spacious, comfortable and fatigue-free journeys with well cushioned seats offering good thigh & back support, ample storage space such as glove box, cup holders and much more for you to discover.

A Car Beyond a hatcback

Everything you want within reach, all the info you need in a glance. That’s what you can enjoy while riding in All New i20. Perfect ergonomics, top-quality material and all the comforts you need guarantee a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience. That’s make it a premium hatchback.


Thinking about safety? then you have the answer

It’s you and your family’s safety we are talking about. All New i20 has all the technology to keep you safe.

Compact in size, big on performance

Experience the unbelievable power. An unexpected surprise!


ALL NEW i20 GL MT RP. 249.500.000
ALL NEW i20 GL AT RP. 263.500.000



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